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Recruitment of Salesman/Sewadar cum Chokidar

Recruitment in Kandhargarh MPCASS District Sangrur

Recruitment in Sohian Kalan MPCASS District Amritsar

Recruitment in Mummy Chak Ranga MPCASS District Gurdaspur

Recruitment in Parmanand Patti Tek Singh MPCAS District Pathankot

Recruitment in The Ena Bajwa MPCASS District Sangrur
Recruitment in Todarwal MPSS Teh.Nabha District Patiala
Recruitment in Nadala Coop.Agri. Multipurpose Society Ltd.,Bholath
Recruitment in Bhullpur Coop.Agri. Multipurpose Society Ltd.,Sultan Lodhi
Recruitment in Ladbanjara Coop.Agri. Multipurpose Society Ltd.,Ladbanjara
Recruitment in Jindalpur Coop.Agri. Multipurpose Society Ltd., Jindalpur Teh.Nabha(Patiala)
Recruitment in Acharwal Coop.Agri. Multipurpose Society Ltd.,Teh .Raikot,Distt Ludhiana

Recruitment in Lalton Kalan Janta Coop.Agri. Multipurpose Society Ltd., Ludhiana

Recruitment in Ganipur Badhan Coop.Agri. Multipurpose Society Ltd.,Distt Hoshiarpur

Recruitment in Harnampur Coop.Agri. Multipurpose Society Ltd.,Teh.Sultanpur Lodhi,Distt Kapurthala

Recruitment in Nadampur Coop.Agri. Multipurpose Society Ltd.,Nadampuri, Distt Sangrur

Recruitment in Dutal Multipurpose Coop Society Ltd.,Samana

Recruitment in Jungal Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd.,Nadampuri, Distt Pathankot

Recruitment in Tehna Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd., Distt Faridkot

Recruitment in Khunan Khurd Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd., Mukatsar

Recruitment in Muliyawala Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd.,

Recruitment in Lakhan Ke Padda Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd.,Distt Kapurthala

Recruitment in Dyalpur Mirza Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd.,Distt Bathinda

Recruitment in Kotli Dhandian Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd.,Distt Gurdaspur

Recruitment in Mullowal Multipurpose Coop. Agriculture Society Ltd.,Distt Sangrur

Recruitment in Balahar Mehma Multipurpose Coop. Agriculture Society Ltd.,Balahar Mehma

Recruitment in New Jarag Multipurpose Coop. Agri Society Ltd.,Distt Ludhiana

Recruitment in Kot Badal Khan Coop. Agri Multipurpose Society Ltd.,Distt Jalandhar

Recruitment in Padhi Khalsa Coop. Agri Multipurpose Society Ltd.,Distt Jalandhar

Recruitment in Khunoon Khurd Multipurpose Coop. Agri Society Ltd.,Mukatsar

Recruitment in Tunga Multipurpose Coop. Agri Society Ltd.,Tunga

Recruitment in Kandhargarh Multipurpose Coop. Agri Society Ltd.,Teh.Dhuri,Sangrur

Recruitment in Rangia Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd.,Rangian Distt Sangrur

Recruitment in Ballamgarh Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd.,Ballamgarh

Recruitment in Khero Ke Utar Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd.,Distt Ferozepur

Recruitment in Khurd Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd.,Teh.Malerkotla, Distt Sangrur

Recruitment in Mulliyanwal Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd., Mulliyanwal

Recruitment in Shahpur Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd., Teh Payal Distt Ludhian

Recruitment in Sanghol Jadid Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd, Sanghal

Recruitment in Kaddon Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd, Teh Payal Distt Ludhiana

Recruitment in Jungal Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd, Teh and Distt Pathankot

Recruitment in Moonak Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd., Moonak Distt Sangrur

Recruitment in Barri Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd., Barri Teh Dhuri Distt Sangrur

Recruitment in Newjohal Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd., Newjohal Teh Raikot Distt Ludhiana

Recruitment in Chakvero Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd., Chakvero Block Jalalabad

Recruitment in Mahina Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd., Mahina Teh Malout Distt Muktsar Sahib

Recruitment in Sirhind Multipurpose Coop. Society Ltd., Sirhind Distt Fatehgarh Sahib


Note : Please visit the page of respective cooperative institution for see their tender/ Notification.