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The Punjab State Federation of Cooperative House Building societies Ltd., Known as “HOUSEFED” was established on 17.11.1970 with the objective to provide financial assistance to the individuals for construction of houses in rural and urban areas in the State of Punjab. Any individual desirous of taking housing loan is enrolled as member of a cooperative house building society already existing in that area. At the time of its inception with a membership of 33 cooperative house building societies, the Federation manned by three staff members could not start functioning till August, 1973. During the year 1973-74 only Rs. 4.47 lacs were sanctioned to cooperative house building societies. Now it has disbursed Rs. 120554.45 lacs as on 31.3.2017 through 343 cooperative house building societies for the construction of 124779 houses. There are 244 staff members in HQ and 17 district level offices. Besides advancing loans, the Federation has also undertaken the construction work of multi storeyed group housing complexes and has successfully completed two complexes at Mohali, two at Ludhiana and one at Bhatinda consisting of 888 flats and developed of 495 plots of various sizes so far. All the flats and plots have been allotted and possessions to its allottees have been given. Housefed has  constructed 96 flats at S.B.S Nagar, Phase-1 Ludhiana, 84 flats at Jalandhar, 912 flats at Banur, 580 flats at Sector 79, Mohali and 96 flats at Kapurthala has been completed. (There is no advancement of Loan since Sept 2013)


  • To grant loan to the members of cooperative house building societies in the state of Punjab both in urban as well as rural areas for construction of new houses against the security of immovable property.
  • To acquire and develop land for the benefit of housing programme in the state.
  • To grant loans and advances for making repairs, additions, alterations or improvement to existing houses/flats/apartments of the members of cooperative house building societies both in urban and rural areas.
  • To undertake construction work of other cooperative institutions on deposit work basis.
  • To provide loan to the members for the purchase of built up house/flat/apartment.
Status of recently completed Projects
  • Construction of 580 flats at Cooperative Housing Complex, Sector 79, Mohali has already been completed and possession of flats have already been given.
  • Construction of 912 flats at Cooperative Housing Complex Banur has already been completed and possession of  730 flats have been given upto 3/2017.
  • Construction of 96 flats at Cooperative Housing Complex at Kapurthala has already been completed and possession of 69 flats have already been given.

Future Plans

  • Housefed proposes to construct 144 flats on the remaining land at Cooperative Housing Complex Kapurthala during the year 2016-17.
  • Housefed  purposes to purchase land measuring 12.6875 acre at Banur from Sugarfed Punjab for the construction of Cooperative Complex at Banur.