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The Citizen Urban Cooperative Bank


The Citizens Urban Cooperative Bank Ltd., Jalandhar  was started in 1989 with a meager capital, few members and small operational limits of Jalandhar and Jalandhar Cantonment has become a leading Urban Cooperative Bank in Northern India in a short span  with total business mounting to about Rs. 478 crores and ten branches spread over in the area of operation of the bank extended over the limits of Districts of Jalandhar, Kapurthala, Nawanshahar, Ropar, Hoshiarpur and Mohali.  The Bank has brought a revolution in banking segment in its area of operation and is contributing to the needs of the localities by providing attractive saving schemes and need based credit  on reasonable terms and competitive rate of interest.  The Bank is pioneer in introducing cooperative movement for urbanities and providing them an opportunity to become a partner in banking industry and avail triple benefits as an investor, depositor and borrower.  The Bank is in profit since its inception and is sharing the same with its members.   

The Bank has made tremendous progress across the border since its inception.  The membership of the Bank has risen from 62 members to more than 8000 and paid up Capital from Rs.10500.00 to Rs.7.44crores.  As on 31.12.2009, the Bank’s Own funds have grown to Rs.34.00 crores and working capital Rs. 374.00 crores which is a manifestation of peoples confidence in the area of operation of the Bank. The deposits of the Bank have grown to Rs. 322.11 crores and advances have increased to Rs. 156.30 crores.  All branches of the Bank are in profits and for the financial year 2008-09,  the bank has shown a net profit of Rs. 245.20 lacs.   The Bank is accredited with highest Audit Classification ‘A’ by Registrar Cooperative Societies, Punjab since its inception.  

The Bank has created a niche in its area of operation. The Bank is providing credit for all viable economic activities in its area of operation and catering to all segments of society.  The Bank has taken initiative in promoting and providing financial assistance to small scale industry, traders, shop keepers, unemployed youth and Weaker Sections. The inbuilt feature is to deploy funds in its area of operation only, thus contribute and serve as an ideal banking vehicle for economic development of these Districts.


Management/Organization Structure:-


The Citizens Urban Coop Bank Ltd.,Jalandhar is a body corporate registered under the Punjab Cooperative Societies Act 1961 and the rules framed there under. The Bank functions according to the Bye-Laws framed by it and registered by the Registrar,Cooperative Societies,Punjab.The Bank is governed under the democratically elected Board of Directors who are well reputed persons of the area. The term of the board is 5 years. The Board is well diversified and is being represented by various sections of the society including bankers, educationists, cooperators, industrialists and traders. The Board is further assisted by experienced professionals like Financial Consultants, Legal Advisors, internal and external auditors.


All the ten branches of the bank have been approved from R.B.I. to open NRI & NRE Accounts.


BRANCHES                                                                              Phone No.


1. Main Branch, Opp. Circuit House, Jalandhar                    Ph.       0181   : 5031535-546

2. Partap Bagh, Mandi Fenton Ganj, Jalandhar                   Ph.       0181   : 5031500-507

3. Banga Road, Nawanshahar                                            Ph.       01823  : 503466-470

4. Mithapur Road, Ravinder Nagar,  Jalandhar                   Ph.        0181   : 5031508-516

5. Kishanpura Chowk, Jalandhar                                       Ph.        0181   : 5031517-524

6. New Subzi Mandi, G.T. Road, Jalandhar                         Ph.        0181   : 5031525-530

7. G.T. Road, Banga                                                           Ph.       01823   : 500925-928

8. G.T. Road, Opp. GNA Goraya                                          Ph        01826   : 502216-217

9. Mandi Road, Nurmahal                                                   Ph.       01826   : 503038-39,41

10.Morinda Road,Opp. Sub Post Office Kurali                       Ph.      0160   : 5002131-134





To safeguard the interest of its depositors and members, the Bank has made strategic and secured investments in Central and State Government Securities amounting to Rs. 100.22 crores besides fixed deposits of Rs. 67.85 crores and non-slr investment of Rs. 26.50 Crores.  The Investment committee under the supervision and guidance of Board manages the investment portfolio and advises the Bank to capitalize the market opportunities from time to time, thus providing higher yield to the investors.


Banks’ management has always given significant importance to deposit mobilization in order to strengthen its financial position. At  present ,The deposits of the bank is Rs.322.11 crores as on 31.12.2009.The Citizens Urban Coop Bank Ltd.,Jalandhar is the only urban bank in the northern region who is offering highest rate of interest on saving, recurring and term deposits as compared to the other cooperative and nationalized banks.



Advances of the Bank registered a phenomenal increase during the year under review. Total advances of the Bank increased from Rs. 13189 lacs as on March 31, 2008 to Rs. 14985 lacs as on March 31, 2009 registering an increase of 13.61%, At present, Bank has financed to the tune of Rs.156.30 Crores as on

31-12-2009. .The Bank is concentrating on retail advance mainly for small business, traders, Small Scale Industry. The Bank has a well defined credit policy which takes due care of concentration of advances in particular segment.  As against the myth of charging higher rates by cooperative banks, the lending rates of the Bank are competitive or lower in comparison with lending rates of other public and private sector banks following the philosophy of mutual benefit of cooperation. The Bank is adhering to all sensitive norms like capital adequacy, assets classifications and provisioning.


Computerization and Automation: 

The Bank is pioneer in introducing information technology in cooperative sector in its area of operation.  All the branches of the bank have been fully computerized and air-conditioned and providing all Modern Banking facilities to its customers. The Branches have undergone complete renovation to provide   interiors at par with private sector banks.  As all the branches have been computerized, now the bank will   initiate the process of implementing Core Banking Solution in all its branches.

Recovery Management 

The Bank has also constituted a separate Recovery Cell, directly under the Chief Executive Officer, headed by experienced banking professional which is responsible for liquidating stressed accounts

and supporting the branches in recovering overdues which are not possible through ordinary ways.  With consistent efforts, the NPAs of the Bank have considerably reduced and are heading for major decline in future.  Efforts are being made that there are no overdues exceeding 60 days in current borrowal accounts.

Other Financial Services: 

To provide effective customer service and having long relationship with the customers, the bank is providing other financial services like distribution of Life Insurance products in all its branches.  The Bank has tied up with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd. for distribution of their products without risk participation. This not only increases the Non Fund based income of the Bank but also increases its core banking business through cross selling. The Bank endeavors to be a one stop financial shop for its customers

 Financial Position

            Particulars                                                        Amount (Rs. in Lacs)


Share Capital                                                                              759                

Reserve & other Funds                                                               2599               

Deposits                                                                                   32211

Advances                                                                                 15630               

Working Capital                                                                        37400              

Investment with Govt. Sec.                                                       10022              

Investment with Other Banks                                                     6785               

Net NPA                                                                          430 (2.96%)              

Audit Classification                                                                          “A”



Internal Control System 

The Bank has put in place proper internal control system to supervise all gamut of banking.  Besides Statutory Audit, the internal inspections of the Bank are conducted by experience Independent Inspection Team headed by experience banking professional which is directly accountable to Audit Committee of the Board. Inspection Team of the bank is well equipped to handle the additional business of the proposed branches.                                                      


As our bank is one of the leading Urban Coop. Banks of Northern India, the bank has its 10 branches which are fully computerised and the area of operation is over the limits of the Districts of Jalandhar, Kapurthala, Nawanshshar, Ropar, Hoshiarpur and Mohali.The Bank is planning to setup three more branches and the proposed places for the setting up of new branches are

                        * Kupurthala




The above branches are proposed to setup subject to the approval by the R.B.I.For the early issuance of Licenses, necessary correspondence is being made with The R.B.I.


Construction of Corporate Office:


The bank has constructed its new building at 506, New Jawahar Nagar, Jalandhar with the capital of Rs. 5.00 Crores with the space of about 22000 sq.ft. For its use.  The bank has shifted its Head Office and started its functioning in the new building.

The bank has also applied for the Head Office Branch and it is hoped that the licence for the same will be granted by the Reserve Bank of India shortly