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Puncofed is dedicated for imparting Cooperative Education & Training to members, Managing Committee Members, Salesman, Secretary/Managers of Primary Societies and Publicity of the Cooperative Department.
The Punjab State Cooperative Development Federation Ltd., (Puncofed) is one of the oldest organization which was organized in 1919 at Lahore in the name of “The Punjab Cooperative Union”. Punjab was deprived of this organization with all of its assets in 1947. However, the Punjab Cooperative Union was registered afresh on 30.4.1952 with headquarters at Jalandhar. The National Cooperative Union of India, New Delhi entrusted this organization with the work of implementation of Member Education Scheme in Punjab in the year 1956. The Headquarter of this organization was shifted from Jalandhar to Chandigarh in April, 1965.
An Introduction
  Main objectives are to promote and develop the Cooperative Movement in the State by imparting Cooperative Education and Training to Members, Prospective Members, Managing Committee Members, Salesmen, Secretaries/Managers of Primary Cooperative and to guide and assist the people in their efforts to build up and expand the Cooperative Sector and to serve as an exponent of Cooperative opinion.

In furtherance of the above objects, this institution:-

  • Implements Cooperative Education Programme formulated by NCUI and the RCS, Pb.   from time to time.
  • Gives publicity to the achievements, policies and programme of Cooperatives through the production and publication of     Audio/visual Aids and Literature on Cooperation. Other various media such as periodicals, journals pamphlets, folders  etc.
  • Publishes a fortnightly magazine “Punjab Cooperation” to enlighten and inform the people about Cooperative Movement.
  • Convenes & conducts the State Cooperative Congress, Seminars, workshops, meetings,   functions and Arrange exhibitions        on Cooperation.
  • To act as information Bureau of Cooperative Movement in the State.
  • Runs an offset Printing Press to cater the printing needs of Cooperatives.
  • Runs an Advertising Agency.
  • Undertakes sale of stationery items, Registers, Bye-laws etc. required for running the business of   Cooperatives.
  • Acts as  representative of the Punjab Cooperative Movement in the State and National spheres .
  • Imparts knowledge of family welfare , dowry , social stigma  etc.
  • Enlightens the Members, Managing Committee Members of Societies and other employees of        Primary Cooperative         Societies about their duties and  responsibilities.
  • Enlightens the Members, Managing committee Members of Societies and other employees of Primary Cooperative Societies about their duties and responsibilities.  The PUNCOFED is holding classes under  Awareness workshops  with the help of  08 Cooperative Educational Instructors in the State.  The Educational Instructors also give  talks on Cooperation in Schools/colleges, seminars, workshops & other  functions.  They also impart knowledge of family welfare social stigma, Dowry, Drug Addiction etc. by giving lectures during the class period and distribute literature relating to the same.
  • This programme is controlled, supervised and guided by a Cooperative Education Officer at the State Level. 
  • For the successful & healthy development of Cooperative Movement is important to keep the masses fully informed about the achievements of Cooperative Movement.  This object can only  be achieved by  strengthening the publicity wing of PUNCOFED, PUNCOFED is undertaking the publicity programme with the available resources in the State through various medias of publicity.
Contact Information

Telephone : 91-172-5055999
Fax            : 91-172-5055994

Postal Address:

The Punjab State Cooperative Development Federation Ltd.,
(PUNCOFED) 49 , Industrial Area, Phase-I
Chandigarh (India )